Although all properties are offered customized plans according to consumption and individual requirements, our most popular Commercial Solar System Plans are:

1. 30 kW Solar System – 120 X 270 W Tier 1 Panels, 30kW Inverter
2. 50 kW Solar System – 200 X 270 W Tier 1 Panels, 50kW Inverter
3. 100 kW Solar System – 400 X 270 W Tier 1 Panels, 30kW Inverter

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    Noble Solar Energy is becoming the face of Commercial Solar Energy Systems in SA, ACT, NSW and Queensland. On dealing with a huge number of clients with small, medium and large scale businesses, we have very well got the nerve of the commercial sector of Solar Industry. Everyone is very apprehensive while investing in the beginning for Solar, but Solar Power undoubtedly proves to be the Best Life Long Financial investment for any business as we make sure that we design a plan catering to all your needs which fetches you return in minimum possible time.

    The rising electricity prices every year and falling government subsidies together point towards one genuine solution for saving on the bills in long term i.e. Solar Energy Systems. In current scenario, Solar can be aptly called as a Hot Cake in the market with a caption of “It’s now or never”. It’s the high time that businessmen should grab it for commercial settings before it’s too late.

    Our team of technical experts with their contacts with local Installers all over makes sure that you get the premium quality solar systems tailored to your needs and consumption at the best possible prices.

    At Noble Solar Energy, you need not to worry about finances as we offer multiple finance options for our clients. We have alliance with Finance companies who provide customized plans suitable to your pocket at ZERO interest rates. As commercial set ups require maintenance of plentiful things, choosing Solar will set you free regarding electricity issues as they require minimum maintenance and their performance is pretty much reliable and predictable.
    We make sure that you feel proud on opting Solar Power with Noble Solar Energy, as this is the dream we work for.